One more time...

... we took 2nd place :) This time at Revision 2014. Check out our Serenity.

BTW - we have a new member! It`s official - Hoffman is an Elude member. Welcome aboard :)

added by Ubik (2014-05-10 21:34)

Revision 2013

Our new demo, called Machinist, was released at Revision 2013. Of course we took second place :)

added by Ubik (2013-04-20 13:48)

Latest news

I completely forgot to write about the SCENE AWARDS nominations. Our production "shake off the dust" got four nominations - best soundtrack, best demo, best effects, public choice.

added by Ubik (2012-09-04 08:17)

After Revision 2012 we are off

What a great party it was! Maybe we don't know how to make a good demos, but we know how to make fun :) On the other hand it can't be that bad with our "Shake off the dust" taking 4-nominees for awards (best demo, effects, soundtrack and public choice) - yuppi! We also made a new demo called "KAKAO" - it made it to 2nd place at amiga demo compo (what a surprise, yeah ;).
CU at the next party :*

added by Ubik (2012-04-12 10:41)

Our new production released at The Ultimate Meeting 2011 really suxx

Our newest demo called "Suxx" got 2'nd place at TUM 2011. We hope you'll enjoy our "one week" demo. You can find more info in readme file.
Ohhh, in case you haven't had a chance to watch this production yet - please do so now. Kisses and CU at next party (probably Revision 2012).

added by Ubik (2011-12-29 20:54)

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