Elude Camp 8-15.01.2010

Unfortunatelly, our new-year-camp is over and the work on our new contribution for BP2010 restarts. We were working on some fluids and particle effects which you can see on the photos here.

added by Ubik (2010-01-16 18:58)

Final version of Step by Step already available

Enjoy our attempt to create someting more light and entertaining than the usual stuff we create. Inside the LHA archive you will find fixed version for both real amiga and uae emulator. In case of problems check file_id.diz for further instructions.

added by Ubik (2009-11-18 20:05)

Video from "Step by step" finally available

Yes, yes, yes... :) finally... you can download hi-quality video from step by step demo (final version!). Just visit "our miracles". We still try to fix some bugs in uae version, so final exe version will be released as soon as possible ;)


added by Ubik (2009-11-04 15:59)

A new demo will be released soon

- uhm... I hope ;) This year we want to create something different from our others productions. So - be patient, and wait for the Function demo-party.

added by Ubik (2009-09-09 13:58)

Finally - we are online

added by Ubik (2009-08-22 21:48)

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