Elude at Revision 2011

What a wonderfull party it was! Yes, I talk about Revision 2011. Lot's of concerts, compos, beers, wodka and other goodies. We also wanted to bring something to make the party better, so we brought a new amiga demo called "Shake off the dust" (second place). We hope you like it, if you didn't see it yet, you can see this stuff here.

added by Ubik (2011-05-02 18:17)

Chaser on Demovibes

Chaser with his Lightshaft demo tune made it to the Demovibes music collection. You can check it out here: www.demovibes.org

added by Kiero (2010-09-30 21:32)

Elude at RiverWash'10

At latest Riverwash party you were able to meet complete Elude team - including our new member Kbi. We also brought two awesome demos - for amiga and pc. More info available in "our miracles" section.

added by Ubik (2010-09-13 13:09)

And the winner is...

Well - latest Breakpoint brought us lots of marvelous things. You already know about nomination of our last year's production "Lightshaft" to scene.org awards, but this is not our biggest success. We won - yes we won Breakpoint amiga demo compo. "We come in peace" - got 887 points (second place - demo from our friends from ghostown/rno teams - got 764 points).
And last but not least (imo this one is most important ;) - Kiero finally found his fanclub. Everybody who wants to join, please write to kierofanclub@theelude.eu

added by Ubik (2010-04-19 13:44)

Scene.org awards - yes, we were nominated

Suprisingly, our last year Breakpoint production Lightshaft was nominated for scene.org awards in 'Best Graphics' category. 

added by Kiero (2010-03-20 23:23)